Good things growing


The vegetable garden has been relocated and is now much more productive! The hot weather pushed along germination so everything came up within one week. The first “leaves” seen here are not actually leaves. They are cotyledons or seed leaves, part of the embryo (fancy name for seed). Not all plants push their seed leaves above ground but those that do provide a clue to the type of plant. In the flowering plant group (angiosperms), the number of seed leaves is an important first division. Dicots, like the one seen here, have very different morphology than monocots. Dicots have two seed leaves and can produce secondary growth, possibly giving rise to wood. Monocots, like grasses and the Lily order, have one seed leaf and lack wood, among others. The true leaves have just started to appear between the seed leaves, originating from the apical meristem (tissue becomes various organs).


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